Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen may have debuted jaw-dropping collections this fall but Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter propelled fashion week into the next dimension bringing millenials closer to the scene than ever before.

DKNY banked on the marketability of transparency when they called upon the direct message feature on Instagram.  When fans sent images of the collection directly a DKNY task force would send private messages back with details about the pieces. We love this intimate approach to virtual connection. Burberry played with the ever-elusive Snapchat by snapping the entire collection the day before giving fans a literal sneak peak before it hit the runway. Twitter’s new Halo feature had its coming out at the Tommy Hilfiger show allowing fans backstage, 360-degree access to the collection and attendees. Tom Ford forwent the runway show all together and revealed his disco inspired collection via a Lady Gaga music video.

Millennials no longer just want to feel like they’re there watching the runway they want to be acknowledged! The campaigns that continue to succeed are the ones built around platforms that give Millenials what they want, a full-fledged interactive experience.

Bravo Fashion Week! See you in February so we can do it all again.


Photo by Ryan Jerome