#Pinterest // A Platform for the Future

Each social platform holds a purpose. Snapchat entices users with custom geo filters, Facebook places emphasis on the reactions of users, and Instagram is the home for visual storytelling. While Pinterest focuses on inspiration, what does the future hold for a platform that is all about planning the future? 

Female millennials dominate Pinterest as they are focused on appearance, perfect for Pinterest, as it is a natural platform in maintaining an ideal image. Overall, Pinterest encourages users to browse, shop, and eventually purchase.  

Recently, Pinterest has molded its platform to focus on rich pins. These pins include extra information on the pin itself without having to leave Pinterest and are very instant gratification savvy. Rich pins focus on real time pricing and the buy button for product pins, serving information and ingredients for recipe pins, and install buttons for app pins, to name a few. 

Millennials want answers at the tips of their fingers. Pinterest is giving them the tools to make it happen.