Up Your #Instagram // Tips & Tricks

The last couple months have been quite monumental for social media with new updates and concepts centered around Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Go Wireless recently created a unique infographic on smartphone camera tips and tricks because…who doesn’t want more likes?!

Here are a few of our favorite:

– When taking photos always keep in mind framing and balance. Pay close attention to the ‘rule of thirds’ , which emphasizes placing the subject of your photo along the intersection of your gridlines.

– Good lighting is a must as it gives an image shape and depth. Window light offers a soft reflection that is great for portraits. 

– Clean your lens for more clarity and better editing options. 

– Avoid zoom as a smartphone camera has sensors that enable a wide depth of field to get tiny objects in focus. Instead of zoom, crop images   to keep a higher resolution. 

– Most importantly, play around with the lighting settings to create a stellar mood for any image. 

Now go out there and snap your best shot! Xx