Media Planning // The Consumer Experience

In the past, meeting customer needs was once associated with brands selling an actual product. More recently, businesses have moved away from physical items and focused on capitalizing the experience. Uber and Airbnb pose as a perfect example of experience driven brands that don’t have any physical products to speak of. This proves to be a lucrative strategy as consumers don’t base decisions on isolated communication; they turn to brands in their moment of need. 

Here are five ways media agencies can better position their clients in the digital world: 

  1. Brands should focus their media on the entire customer experience, not just building relationships pre purchase. Create a conversation.

  2. Take into account the specific goals of individual touch points along the customer journey.

  3. Consumers make purchases based on bonding and loyalty. Media planning should emphasize service, native advertising, and intimate community management. 

  4. Consider e-commerce less as a destination and more of a customer decision-making journey that gives customers opportunities at each stage. 

  5. Brands build their market through a strong personal connection. Establish small, curated relationships that scale is more viable than mass-awareness seeking media buys.