Instagram’s New Look // Why?

Today, Instagram introduced an updated icon design that represents a simpler camera with rainbow that lives on in gradient form. The formerly tan camera has morphed into a purple, orange, and pink icon. The brand aimed to “modernize” the original icon, which led it to lay too flat. Eventually, trial and error led them to the updated version – a subtle suggestion of a camera that sets the groundwork for years to come.

While many may not be thrilled about its 90’s-ish background, designers regard the new icon as “vibrant” and “colorful” and inline with Instagram’s evolution over the past five years. They stress that the update reflects how diverse storytelling has become and encourages the community to live life with color. 

In addition to an icon change, Instagram has new black and white background features and icons – a look that encourages photos to stand out. Make sure to check out icon changes in other creative apps like  Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse as they too acquired a rainbow gradient.