Snapchat // Create Your Strategy

With Snapchat being one of the most talked about social platforms in the game, brands are jumping on the bandwagon to create inspirational organic content. With such a consumer based demographic, Snapchat has become a staple for relevant and fresh social content. Our friends at Ignite Social Media put together a great list of tips to build a snapchat identity.

Here are a few of our favorites: 

* Make imperfect content perfect by giving your audience the VIP treatment. Nothing screams behind-the-scenes more than a brands unedited content. 

* Give your consumers a reason to follow! Adding in perks, contests, and promotions only available to Snapchat users gives consumers a reason to engage. 

* Be consistent with your stories. Creating an enticing combination of photos and videos a couple times a day will keep brand exposure high. 

Check out more tips here: http://sclhs.in/fyKwvF 

Photo: Ignite Social Media