Influencers // 4 Things Marketers Can Learn

Working with influencers can benefit a brand tremendously. Here are four learning lessons that can benefit you as the new year approaches. 

  1. More eyes means more impressions! Tap into the world of influencers by reaching out and asking for suggestions on other influencers that would be interested in a specific campaign. Establishing a network of influencers that are connected to one another is key to content that is seen. 
  2. Ask for help. Creating good relationships with influencers allows you to be open when struggling to get some great user generated content to bring a campaign together. Don’t be afraid to ask an influencer for creative concepts because sometimes all you need is an extra pair of eyes! 
  3. Don’t doubt your creative concept. If you’re finding that influencers are turning down your campaign, take a look at their feedback and switch it up a little so that you start receiving the bites your campaign deserves. 
  4. Keep a timeline and plan ahead. Influencers are busy and often get booked up fast, so use content calendars and timelines to keep all deadlines on track. Make sure to share this with both the client and the influencer so that everyone is on the same page.