Social Media // Super Bowl LI

 The Super Bowl is a BIG deal for the social world. Social conversation is at an all time high on the day of the game as brands receive up to 6x more mentions on social platforms. Check out these Super Bowl trends and find out how your brand can participate in the conversation.
1. One of the simplest ways to get involved is monitoring trending hashtags for real-time opportunities. You never know when something will start trending that your brand can contribute to as around 50% of past Super Bowl ads include hashtags to encourage second screen engagement.
2. Super Bowl ads can cost up to $5 million for a 30 second spot. While we would love to have large sums of money to put towards those ads…lets jump back to reality. The “We’re not participating” marketing plan, which relies on social contests, active posting and real time marketing is a great tactic to join the conversation. Get creative!
3. Branded banter is one of our favorite social media trends during the Super Bowl. Interacting with other brands in real time, even if its slightly poking fun or interactions that are mutually beneficial keeps the content that you’re pushing out spontaneous. You can also consider mentioning and or tagging relevant brands in your copy and see if any media managers respond back.
These are just some of our favorite social examples!
Check out some visuals here: http://sclhs.in/yOCGYS