Facebook // A Global Community

Last night, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, posted a manifesto about the power of community and ways in which he hopes that Facebook can become a stronger community for unity across the globe. He says there is a real opportunity to connect more people with groups and online communities that will be meaningful to the social infrastructure. His main focus is ways in which Facebook can address these five questions:

1.   How do we help people build supportive communities that strengthen traditional institutions in a world where membership in these institutions is declining?
2.   How do we help people build a safe community that prevents harm, helps during crises and rebuilds afterwards in a world where anyone across the world can affect us?
3.   How do we help people build an informed community that exposes us to new ideas and builds common understanding in a world where every person has a voice?
4.    How do we help people build a civically-engaged community in a world where participation in voting sometimes includes less than half our population?
5.    How do we help people build an inclusive community that reflects our collective values and common humanity from local to global levels, spanning cultures, nations and regions in a world with few examples of global communities?

With over 100 billion people using Facebook across the globe it is now more important than ever to focus on ways to use this platform to connect people in a socially aware and proactive way. 100 billion people is more than a community, it is a global consciousness. We applaud Mark Zuckerberg for continuing to find ways to elevate his creation.

Read the entire manifesto here: http://sclhs.in/EHQicN