Controversial Rebranding: From serif to san serif

“My kid could do better” is a phrase uttered often when viewing anything creative.

Graphic design, and any form of art, is subject to scrutiny from those that are not professionally creative. Case in point: Burberry’s new logo designed by Peter Saville. Responsible for numerous Joy division covers and Calvin Klein’s rebranding, the rebranding generated a wave of criticism for its simplicity. A few days ago Hedi Slimane dropped the accent mark in CELINE and sent brand loyalists into a tailspin. Slimane is no stranger to logo controversy – remember when he dropped the YVES in YVES SAINT LAURENT?

The social comments only amplify the lack of understanding of the process and time that it takes a creative to get to the finish line-

“The typeface for the original logo gave the impression of timelessness and I always associated it with style and class. Now it just looks cheap.”- Response to Burberry logo update from IG
“The new logo looks like a fake item from the flea market. Baaad idea, very bad!”-Response to Celine logo update from IG.

Change is never ever easy, but as a creative agency we thrive off of and embrace change. We think of these small but significant evolutions to brands as a peek into what’s to come and we’re excited to see how it all plays out.

– Christian David
Art Director