6 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Stories Engagement

Because of Instagram’s illusive algorithm, we’ve found that Instagram stories are the best way to get people to engage with your content. Instagram has an abundance of tools for Stories that, at a base level, may seem simple and slightly underwhelming. However, the following tips and tricks will allow you to use native features to create stories that your followers can and will engage with.

1. Panorama: You know that camera feature on your phone that you never really use? Taking a panoramic photo may not be your first choice when shooting brand content but this will make you reconsider. Using your panoramic camera feature take the photo and then cut it into 8 photos. Once you’ve done this, make each one a new story that allows people to tap through and then back again seeing the entire image.
2. Split Screen Voting: Ever asking your fans questions using the polling feature? Well, take it to the next level by doing a split screen. Do it by having two images on the screen and making your fans choose between two outcomes. For example, “Would you rather?”
3. Color Matching: This is a feature that has been around for a while but tends to be used in simple ways. However, you can use this tool to do retouching or even create incredible optical illusions as seen in the sourced article.
4. Getting Creative with Fonts: Always think about how the fonts you use can tell their own story. Play around with your stories fonts by using different sizes, fonts, and colors or even layering them or using spacing. You can really make your stories come to life by just taking a few extra moments.
5. Get Tapping: According to an Instagram study 70% of people tap right through your stories, so why not benefit from it? Make your story a game where people that are tapping through are engaging with your content.
6. Hiding Links: Whether you are driving traffic back to your profile or someone you are collaborating with, this trick can help you hide the “@mention” within your story. Do this by hiding the @mention behind a GIF or an enlarged emoji and let people know to tap on it!

Keep an eye out for the constant updates that Instagram releases, you never know what they could do next!

Source: http://sclhs.in/Zf9S0K

—Nicolas Michael
Account Coordinator