Get In Where You Fit In

Notice a surge of “private” accounts on Instagram? It’s not just you. The new trend for brands looking to make their mark on social media is to leverage smaller “closed communities”. These more exclusive pockets offer a niche online world that users value—proving individuality and authenticity matter, but social ties matter more. The key to entering this private community? Micro Influencers.

Let us be clear here, not just any Micro Influencers. With the knowledge that millennials are now more distrusting as ever of businesses online, the way in is to make Micro Influencers within these closed communities using the power of experiential marketing. Because they see experiences as more altruistic than advertising, brands should be using this as a way to create organic content using people the community trusts. Users will begin to know companies on a deeper, more authentic level, and ultimately trust brands just like they trust their own social circles.

Some helpful tips to help turn your experiential marketing into a closed community access point:

1. Match the message to the audience: The brands that create the strongest connections are those that are able to pinpoint what the niche communities are talking about.
2. Create content with context: Give people something worth sharing with their friends.
3. Talk to your audience’s audience: Give people something that feels customized to them, and in turn, the people that they’ll be sharing it with.

Source: http://sclhs.in/UfJuv4

-Leah Benzie
Social Media Editor