Instagram is Using Stories to Drive Traffic to IGTV

Instagram has been working on a feature that would allow users to preview IGTV clips within their Stories. There are currently 400 million active monthly users on Instagram engaging with Stories. It has been revealed that only a fraction of these people are actually engaging with IGTV. Instagram is finally allowing users to post a preview, with a button that would directly link the user to a specific IGTV video. This new way of promoting your IGTV videos could bridge the vast engagement gap between IGTV and stories. IGTV has been a feature that few users have mastered, and that marketers have been very skeptical about, but the new update aims to turn that around. We feel that IGTV and features like this will soon become the way consumers will digest long-form episodic content.

Source: http://sclhs.in/UbDUus 

-Aaron Burnham