Stories Are The Future of Social Sharing

We are constantly creating Stories for our clients, and if you haven’t considered Stories for your business yet, now is the time. Facebook believes that Stories are the future of social sharing.

But what do people want to see in brand-originated Stories? Facebook has published a new report into exactly that.

Here’s what they discovered:

• 43% of users want to see brand Stories that ‘feel real’
• 51% of users said want to see Stories which feature information about sales and promotions
• 51% of users said they want Story content that’s quick, and easy to understand
• 45% of users are looking for tips and advice
• 44% of users are interested in seeing information about new products

So the key elements are ‘simplicity and relevance’, with a particular focus on the latest promotions and launches. Have questions about how to achieve story nirvana with your brand? Contact us, we’ve got answers.

Source: http://sclhs.in/ekseqR

-Sarah Alexander
Operations and Special Projects Manager