Instagram Stories: Best Practices

Instagram Stories are not so slowly becoming the number one-way people consume social media content. Together, software application company, Buffer and social media analytics agency, Delmondo analyzed 15K Instagram stories from top brands around the world. Here’s what they found (and how you can learn from them)!

#1 — Keep it Short and Sweet: Optimal posting length is one to seven Stories. Looking at the completion rate, they found that after the seventh story, completion rate falls below 70%.

#2 — Follow the commuters: There are four distinct spikes in views on Stories and they all happen off work hours — morning, afternoon, and evenings. Posting during these key times is important to think about because the more people who see it, the more likely it is to be pushed up in the feed and explore page.

#3 — First and Foremost: As we know, capturing a viewer’s attention within the first few seconds is key. If the first frames don’t interest them, the viewer and audience will exit off to the next story. Be sure to put the key information down first.

#4 — Simplicity is Key: Simple, static graphics and quick videos perform best for Stories. In the study they found the following to be key points when thinking about story creation: Using a background image to quickly tell a story, Adding short copy to convey your message, decorating with minimal graphics and logos.

Source: http://sclhs.in/IfRG2T

-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor