Pinterest Predicts: Beauty Trends for 2019

With the start of a New Year comes resolutions and time for making changes. Pinterest predicted 2019’s top trends (based off of re-pins) and even though we will be keeping around the ones we are obsessed with from 2018, we can’t wait to try these this year.

1. Go Grey – let that natural hair shine through, with searches up 879%, we know you won’t be alone

2. Baby Bangs – just above the brow bangs search on Pinterest is up 51%.

3. Dipped Nails – this powder manicure trend is here to stay. Both healthier for your nails and way easier to remove. Plus, it doesn’t chip!

4. Natural Lash Volume – people are searching more natural ways to boost your eyelash volume like grapeseed oil, castor oil, and aloe vera!

5. Witch Hazel – you have seen it at the check out at Whole Foods and this is the year to try it.

6. More Gloss – good news for lip gloss and high-shine makeup fans – glossy makeup is here to stay for 2019!

7. Bold Lip Color – subtle, barely there makeup with a bold lip is predicted to be the look of the year (searches are up 467%)!

8. Almond Nails – short or long, this can be worn either way and it is here to stay.

9. Exfoliating Toners – glowing and smooth skin will always be in trend. It’s time to mix in a liquid exfoliator into your skin-care routine.

10. Lilac Hair – purple hair is about to be everywhere and we must say: we are here for it!

Source: http://sclhs.in/WnO6BD

-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor