Instagram Log-In Update

The average Instagram user has more than one account. Many users in addition to their main account have a business account and or what people call a “finsta” or a more personal account where they can post for their closest friends.

Instagram recently made a new update that allows users to post on multiple accounts at the same time, and they are now developing a new feature to make managing multiple accounts even easier. Instagram is supposedly developing a new option where users are allowed to log into all of their accounts with one username and password. This update is purely for accessibility, a common problem with managing multiple accounts is also sorting through a multitude of usernames and passwords. Another reason that Instagram may be creating this feature is to get more accurate numbers of daily and monthly active users. With lots of secondary accounts being made that aren’t being used often, it may be inflating their user data.

Source: http://sclhs.in/ivk6Ft 

-Aaron Burnham