Film: A Part of our Past, Present, and Future

In December, I learned that Kodak is bringing back the film that most photographers have been hoarding in their fridges for years following the 2012 demise of the prized Kodak Ektachrome Film. Whether you realize it or not, a lot of imagery you’ve seen over the years has been shot on Ektachrome.

If you look on Instagram, there are 43.9 million posts tagged #film – that number seems pretty high considering how easily accessible Instagram is in the modern day. What’s more interesting is how this hashtag has inspired a wave of fanfare for the style of photography and aesthetic that you see with film, so much so that companies, like the app VSCO, were created for smartphones specifically to emulate the look and feel of film photography.

There’s a chance that a younger generation will latch onto the aesthetic and look to advance to a more professional mode of creating film like photos as opposed to using an application such as VSCO to emulate their iPhone photographs. I am hopeful the future going forward is bright for film, as I see it, any improvement or advancement to any capacity within the realm of photography is a good thing.

-Robby Mueller
Content Creative Manager, Photographer