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CND(Creative Nail Design) a revlon nail artistry brand, approached Social House, Inc. with the mission to redefine the way nail professionals and consumers perceive the brand amongst competitors. Our objectives for the campaign were not only to reinvigorate brand perception and sentiment, but also launch the first major product innovation they`ve had in nine years--
CND Shellac Luxe


Taking attendees on journey, we were inspired by the same of discovery and wonder of a color wheel. We devided the experiential activation into six different rooms, creating a giant color wheel. Each room, unique and sensorial,took attendees on colorful and tactile experience that allowed them to move around the environment,learn key messaging about CND Shellac Luxe,and most importantly,share the experience socially.


Over the cource of two days,the booth captured 3.8K unique photos/gifs and obtained 2.5K total emails for retargeting. Across social media, CND saw over 167K engagements and 122K Stiry Views on Instagram, as well as over 32 engagements on Facebook. Ultimately,reaching over 177K people with over 316K organic impressions.