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Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME, is a more than a just a hair color system. BLONDME is a connector, a conduit which evokes emotion with superior and multi-faceted results. It’s a product by definition but a catalyst by nature. Schwarzkopf Professional asked Social House to devise a campaign that would speak to hairstylists and their client’s in a meaningful and inspirational way.


After researching hairstylists from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels, we selected a group of 6 hairstylists that we felt had amazing stories to share. Hairstylists such as Tokyo Styles, Joanna Freeman and Linh Phan, were selected to join us in Los Angeles for a candid and unscripted interview. What happened when we turned on the cameras brought out a myriad of emotions. From tears to laughter to gratitude, we were able to create a compelling content narrative that would come to resonate with hairstylists everywhere.


The results of the #ForgingBonds campaign ignited 1.7 million engagements across brand, talent and distributor social media networks. Reaching over 7 million people in just three and a half weeks with more than 275K likes, comments and shares from our hairstylists influencer network alone.