Meet Our Head of Strategy, Nic Mercado

Nic Mercado has been part of the Social House family for over a year now, leading the strategy for our clients. As the head of Creative Strategy, she’s in charge of taking each campaign and crafting it with innovation, and providing the blueprint for implementation and execution.

Starting her career with Vitaminwater, she worked with brands such as Microsoft, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures and NBC Universal. Her main goal is to develop fresh creative concepts, keep up with the ever-changing social rat race, and to ultimately drive results that matter.

Hailing from Seattle, she spends her free time learning Chrissy Teigen recipes, snoozing with her two pups (they keep everything PAWsitive), and reminiscing about the Spice Girls. If there was a black belt in puns and dad jokes, Nic believes she would’ve received one by now (or ten). She loves her Social House fam and looks forward to taking creative beyond expectations!

-Nic Mercado
Head of Strategy