Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

Do you ever ask yourself, how did they do that? Instagram is constantly adding new features that allow you to take your stories game to the next level. Recently, they released some of stories best kept secrets that will help you create meaningful but creative brand stories. These are the top 5 tips and tricks:

#1 – Color Match: If you are creating a story with an image in the background and are using the ink tool or adding text, you can use the eyedropper to get an exact color match to a color within the image. This allows you to keep a cohesive aesthetic.

#2 – Rainbow Text: This trick is actually quite daunting since you have to use 2 fingers instead of one. If you tap and hold down any color while you tap and hold the blue text sector line, you can drag them to turn them into rainbow.

#3 – Filling the Screen: If you ever just want to use a solid colored background, just hold down your finger for a few seconds to make the whole screen one solid color.

#4 – Moving Pictures: If you’re an iPhone user and have taken “Live” photos, you can turn them into boomerangs by opening the live photo and simply holding down with one finger. Ta-da! It’s now a boomerang.

#5 – Boomerang’s Secret Menu: Open the Boomerang app, tap the screen four times using 4 fingers to open the secret menu and your Boomerangs will never be the same.

Whether you’re capturing behind the scenes content or designing engaging calls to action, these are some ways to make your Instagram Stories come to life. Want Social House to help you with your social media strategy? Click the ‘Contact Us’ link on the bottom of our newsletter.

– Nic Michael
Account Coordinator