How Adobe Helps Designers Create AR Content

Pokémon Go may be so 2016, but augmented reality isn’t going anywhere. Need to redecorate? We can just pick up our smartphone and visualize how a sofa would look in our living room. Not sure what to order because the menu is in French? Open an AR-enabled translation app, point your camera at the menu. Et voila, the braised short rib it is. You can even try a new lipstick shade using a real-time makeup selfie app. We are living in an increasingly augmented life, and as content creators, we’re excited that Adobe recently announced the private beta launch of Project Aero, an augmented reality authoring tool and content delivery platform.

Project Aero will enable artists and designers to make AR experiences without the need to learn a new program. Instead, creatives will be able to use the “AR-ready” versions of the Adobe software they already know–Photoshop CC and Dimension CC–to create digital content that can then be integrated into AR scenes. Developers can take graphics created in Photoshop, export them to Aero, and then from there embed them into apps.

Adobe has partnered with brands including Adidas to showcase compelling examples of AR use in the near future. At its annual MAX event in Los Angeles, Adobe demonstrated a 3D shoe configurator at the center of the Adidas store of the future. Customers will be able to see shoes in various color combinations through AR. Through Photoshop, designers can assign the appropriate colors, and Project Aero renders the 3D model of the sneakers in AR.

Emerging technologies such as AR propel innovation and creativity. It is changing the way we live, learn, and play, as it expands experiences beyond our phone screen to the world around us. It’s a powerful storytelling medium for brands that lets audiences use their existing devices to interact with products in a whole new dimension. AR pushes the boundaries of what’s possible and easy-to-use tools such as Project Aero will help its mass adoption.

Source: http://sclhs.in/91rchO

-Johan Loekito
Senior Designer