Best Business Practices for Social Media Activism

We’ve learned that a huge trend in social media for 2019 is championing change. Businesses now see more reward than risk in aligning themselves with political and social issues. Sprout Social did a study and found two key things about social media activism: people want to hear from brands and people want brands to use their powerful platforms. Now, how to best utilize them for your business.

1. Align with stakeholders on social strategy.
Although people want to hear from brands, they don’t want to hear every single opinion a stakeholder or brand manager has. Be sure to identify your purpose behind taking a stand on social. Then, you can create a company-driven strategy. Being intentional about the conversations you join will amplify your results.

2. Prepare for every kind of reaction
It is almost impossible to take a stance on something without alienating a particular group. Luckily there are fewer risks than rewards so brands should take a confident stand to focus on forging connections (and engagement) with like-minded customers. Using a strategy to outline messaging is helpful to make sure your brand stays on track and it’s values intact.

3. Use your power for good
Make a difference. Most people want to align themselves with brands that do good (think Nike, Patagonia) and that means you are building a loyal customer by aligning your brand with your passions. By being an advocate with a powerful platform, your brand is more likely to be top of mind when shoppers are ready to make a purchase.

4. Develop a response grid, for everyone.
So often, a little bit of social media best practice education goes a long way. Make time to train your upper management and c-suite individuals on how best to respond on social. People want to hear from CEOs and employees of companies so investing in a training session will streamline your brand’s voice and allow your employees to feel like advocates for change.

Source: http://sclhs.in/8cTXzE 

-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor