Pinterest is Going Public

Pinterest is going public. Will that change how your brand uses the platform?

For social media platforms, going public has had mixed reactions from users in the past. The pathway for Facebook has been that of steady and growth while Twitter and Snapchat have struggled at times, needing to change the narrative around user engagement. As a self-proclaimed “search engine”, Pinterest has sought a clear distinction from being identified a social network. Changing their own narrative may have its advantages; however, it still faces a big challenge it a very familiar competitor…Google.

One of Pinterest’s newer features, “Shop The Look” Pins, will help to build ad revenue and increase search capacity. Google seems to be one step ahead having previously launched its own updated image search layout taking a nod from Pinterest with a like-minded approach.

Google itself may not see the threat of Pinterest’s evolving narrative, as it faces the direct threat of Amazon who continues to offer more direct shopping options. As we can see, Pinterest’s slow and steady approach to how it operates, and its messaging may be a good predictor of success but it’s hard to say what the overall risk of filing for an IPO will be.

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Source: http://sclhs.in/b0t6qj 

-Allison Beck
VP of Client Relations and Partnerships