Women // Who Run The World?

With over 950,000 Instagram posts celebrating #InternationalWomensDay, the initiative brings to light the influential role that social media has played on gender stereotypes and beauty standards, all thanks to the ever-clever hashtag. Social media has given women the tools to build an audience of virtual support systems that encourage positivity and equality for all.

Here are a few of our favorite ladies killing it at ‘hashtivism’:

* Tess Holiday’s body positive campaign, #EffYourBeautyStandards, has generated over a million Instagram posts and is an early champion for encouraging women to continuously celebrate their beauty


* Emma Watson’s gender equality campaign, #HeForShe, focuses on eliminating the connotation that feminism is associated with man-hating.


* Jennifer Siebel Newsom founded the Miss Representation Project, a campaign focused on fulfilling ones upmost human potential regardless of race, gender, age or class. Newsom created #AskHerMore to encourage journalists to ask women more about their work and less about their wardrobe.



Cheers, to women and the positivity that they bring to the world. Xx