#FoodPorn // Coming To Your Snaps

Since Instagrams beloved algorithm has officially started rolling out, brands and influencers are already feeling the change in traffic to their social accounts. One of the most popular kind of Instagram influencers, food photography , has seen the largest decline in the last couple months. 

Due to this, many are focusing their time on Snapchat. The platform has been a huge hit in the last year as it displays 100% organic content, unlike any other social channel. The execution and coordination of a successful snapchat story is much different to Instagram, a social platform that relies heavily on user generated content. 

Many foodies feel that snapchat provides a much more in depth look than Instagram offers. Providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look at both their personality and love for food. Food bloggers are taking to Snapchat to use brand products in their stories rather than an actual campaign, something that would need to be done for Instagram. 

Either way, we’re starving! 

Photo: Adweek, Julieskitchen, EatingNYC, Snapchat