Making Moves // Advertising

There are a lot of moves happening in the advertising world this week. Here are few that we are more than excited about. 

  1. Facebook Announces New Data Analysis Options For Advertisers: Facebook announced five new ad measurement products which will also integrate with other measurement tools. Tracking ROI back to a particular ad should be easier along with a choice of seven new tracking partners for the app downloads crowd.
  2. Instagram Making Their Ads More Interactive: Instagram has been making all kind of moves lately, but starting in October, Instagram will introduce four new updates to their ad product, three of which are related to the Call-to-Action button. In addition, for video ads, when users unmute a video they will be taken to a landing page where the video will continue at the top of the screen.
  3. Twitter Releases New Study On Multimedia Effectiveness: Multimedia effectiveness is at an all-time high. To name a few, attention increases by almost 10% when running a Twitter ad with an emoji and photos generate 313% more engagement than tweets without. Multimedia is an essential part in tweets! 
  4. Facebook Messenger: Buying things through Facebook chat bots is about to have a breakthrough as Facebook Messenger will allow users to store credit cards directly within the bot.