Snapchat vs Instagram // 2017

The battle commenced last August when Instagram introduced stories to their lineup. Many of us laughed and thought of it as a copy to Snapchats efforts, but fast forward a couple months later, and we may have been wrong. A recent study shows that Snapchat stories are declining up to 40% while Instagram stories has reached a booming 150 million users. 

Over the last year, Snapchat brings to the table geofilters, full-screen vertical videos and their newest addition, Spectacles. Is this enough to keep the ever-evolving millennials entertained? 

Instagram provides a platform that is easy to use and is non-millennial friendly, which  gives them an entirely new reach that Snapchat did not foster in time. If the growth of Instagram stories indicates anything, its that influencers and celebrties are flocking to it for both personal and promotional posts. 

We are excited to see where 2017 takes us in the world of social! Xx