Snapchat // 3D World Lenses

Remember Snapchat’s dancing 3D hot dog? Well, you might start seeing a few more Lenses like that one because Snap is opening up its 3D World Lenses to advertisers. So far, it has partnered with Warner Bros. and Bud Light to create Lenses featuring the Blade Runner “Spinner” car and a bud light vendor.

3D World Lenses are active through the outward facing camera and can be placed on pretty much any surface. You can resize it, move it around and even walk around it once it’s in place. Snap says that its dancing hot dog was viewed over 2 billion times on Snapchat and that its Lens popularity has an impact on advertising with ad campaigns using them resulting in increased ad and brand awareness.

Now advertisers can use AR capabilities nationally, target by age, gender or interest or via a swipe-up attachment to a regular ad. And with users snapping over three billion times a day, snap-based advertisements stand to be seen quite a lot.

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