Algorithm Change

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the new algorithm will put more emphasis on family and friend feed’s rather than publisher’s.

Publishers that continue to thrive in an era when they can’t depend on Facebook traffic have adopted common themes: Diversity of platforms is key, as is showcasing unique content on any and all platforms where people are likely to consume it.

Josh London, CMO of digital publisher IDG—parent of PCWorld, Macworld and Computerworld—said the key for publishers is developing unique content for specific channels that appeals to the 14-to-34 age group, including audio and visual effects, GIFs and other “fun” features.

“Rather than willingly participating in death by a thousand cuts, publishers should maintain fanatical focus on their brands and audiences,” said London, “and how they can uniquely offer new ways of leveraging this relationship for marketers through data and services.”

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