B2B Experiential That Drives Results

Experiential marketing is an opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers on an emotional and sensorial level. It allows brands to build meaningful awareness and consumer loyalty, especially when the experience is rooted in social media. According to the Event Marketing Institute’s study, 74% of consumers have a better opinion about a brand after an experiential marketing event. In addition, 98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation.

Last month we were given the opportunity to launch a new product innovation for our client CND (Creative Nail Design), a subsidiary of Revlon. As an agency rooted in social, our conceptualization process began with social media in mind prior to building out the experiential portion of the campaign. We took their presence at Premiere Orlando (a 60K attendee trade show event) and transformed their traditional booth into a 6 room, monochromatic, giant color wheel experience – all built for social.

The entrance was framed with roughly 6,000 custom colored balloons that guided the visitor’s eye into the color wheel experience – introducing them to this sensorial journey. The Speed & Removal Room had 65 custom cuckoo clocks that lit up every 60 seconds, resembling the new, faster removal process (time = money). The Care & Condition Room was an immersive way to showcase the qualities of the client pamper process. The LED Light Curing Room was built to resemble the gel curing process with 300 ft. of custom neon lighting. In addition, we partnered with Swarovski Crystals in the Embellishment Room, which granted visitors a one-of-a-kind photo experience surrounded by 65 lbs. of hand applied Swarovski crystals.

Over the course of two days, we saw over 124K engagements and reached over 286K people organically across Facebook and Instagram. Over 122K people viewed our stories during Premiere, taking our regional experience and turning it global through social. Overall, the experiential activation proved to be CND’s largest socially engaged campaign to date.

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