How Facebook Ads Drive Online Search

In an ever-changing advertising landscape, social media marketers face a consistent challenge: how to both reach intended social audiences on a consistent basis and measure ROI against brand objectives.

As people consume content across platforms, from social to OOH to local and in-app, the ability to point to a specific strategy delivering measurable ROI becomes cluttered, and should no longer rely on click-through in the moment.

One trend on the rise? Social ads are increasingly tied to driving aligned search behavior. A 2017 survey found that 76% of US consumers have purchased a product they saw in a brand’s social media post, with 11% buying online immediately and 44% buying online at a later time (Source: “Social Content is the New Storefront,” Curalate, Nov 2017).

As people are increasingly relying on social media to inform their decisions – in the moment and more often after – social ads are necessary to amplify search impact. Having your product and brand be noticed by consumers in the cluttered Facebook feed, through paid ads, ultimately delivers greater recall for future search, decreases cost-per-click and increases traffic volumes for ultimate purchase on a brand’s site.

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– Sarah Hazan
Account Director