3 Instagram Updates In The Works

Summer 2018 has brought a record number of Instagram updates, tools and features for users. From adding music to Instagram Stories to video conferencing in direct messages, these innovations build in-app functionality and user efficiency for business and personal accounts. In case you need a refresher, here are a few of the latest integrations:

1. In Progress: Non-SMS Two-Step Verification

Hackers pose a constant threat for businesses with large audiences, prompting Instagram to test a new two-step authentication process that won’t involve SMS—making accounts much more secure. Once this two-step process is available, all businesses should be using it to protect their accounts and their followers.

2. In Testing: Instagram Verified Badge Made Easier

Instagram knows how important the small blue check, indicating that an account is “verified,” is for business accounts to boost and maintain credibility, so they are making it easier for brands and public figures to apply by providing an in-app form that requires them to confirm their identity. The importance of the badge keeps brand’s safe from imposter’s by remaining credited, helps drive search results and provides access to advanced features.This will allow more business (including smaller ones) to become verified and build an authentic and credible voice on the platform.

3. In Testing: The Ability to Remove Followers from Public Accounts

As it is, Instagram only allows private accounts to monitor who follows them and who doesn’t. Soon, public accounts (which all business profiles are), will be able to decide to manually block certain followers they don’t want seeing their content or have become abusive.

Stay tuned here for more updates and announcements!

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– Leah Benzie
Social Media Editor