Facebook Business Page Is Changing—Here Are The Updates You Need To Know

Facebook is paying attention to the growing number of business trying to capture attention across a crowded newsfeed. They are redefining business pages to be more of a marketing destination for users, with the addition of a few new features.

The first new feature is a user experience upgrade, allowing customers to make appointments or reservations. Also, to improve the quality of reviews, there’s now a character minimum of 25.

The next update is seen by businesses with a skeptical eye. Facebook will start showing “related pages” on other pages. By offering these competing pages, it could potentially take away from their business.

Additional advertising opportunities are also becoming apparent with new updates—including the option for businesses to post short Stories as well as the opportunity to post job applications.

Finally, a local bookmark tab will be easily accessible, allowing users to quickly navigate to the nearest events.

Facebook is making pages even more valuable, especially for small businesses, at a time when the marketplace is more crowded than ever.

– Leah Benzie
Social Media Editor