Is Your Brand Ready for AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends, giving brands an innovative way to connect with customers and increase engagement. But do you know how to use it for your brand?

AR is built on three core tenants: Innovation, Experience, and Entertainment. With Facebook and Apple making increasing investments in the tech, brands need to go beyond the novelty factor and play with consumer experience in useful ways. With digital consumers ranging from online couponing to full-fledged immersion, AR provides a fun escape and amplification for users to share and personalize what your brand offers. It’s fun, it’s practical, it’s where your consumers are going. A few Social House tips for staying ahead of the game as you engage your consumers with AR:

1. Start with Social – testing Snapchat and Instagram’s filters are a great way to experiment with your brand on platforms where AR usage is common and see how your consumers look with some cute dog ears! See what resonates with your audience based on community questions and comments. Keep it fun.

2. Stay Strategic – make sure that any AR that you use adds value and solves a problem or need for your consumers. AR can inform purchases, such as IKEA’s picturing furniture in your home, so ensure that it helps them to understand the product or service better than your other messaging. People need to want to play around.

3. Be Tuned-In – stay listening to your audience as they engaged and to the AR updates coming from social platforms, Facebook and Apple. Ensure your brand team is educated on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ AR should fit into your future plans. Read more about what’s to come from Facebook and Apple here.

– Sarah Hazan
Account Director