Instagram: The New Online Shopping Destination?

Instagram is about to make a major move into e-commerce (even better than the shopping feature currently in place). Given that more than “25 million businesses already have Instagram accounts, and 2 million of them are advertisers”, it’s no surprise that Instagram wants to streamline the shopping process, and ultimately expand opportunities for revenue.

Enter: The standalone app for shopping. With this addition, users will be able to shop directly through the app from pages that they follow. Instead of being crowded with images from the brand, the sole purpose of “IG Shopping” (name still TBD) will be to create a dedicated hub for Instagram shoppers, directly challenging e-commerce shopping platforms like Shopify.

No word yet on when, or if, the new app will launch. But, it is clear there is strong evidence pointing to the expansion of e-commerce for businesses on Instagram. We are keeping a close eye on this so stay tuned for more.

Source: http://sclhs.in/85vXvb

– Leah Benzie
Social Media Editor