Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Changed The Way We Live

Instagram has changed more than just the perfect #BrunchGoals picture. If you think about it, Instagram has changed so many aspects of our day-today life. In the past 2 years, it has amassed to a billion users all creating sub-genres, business and careers through the photo sharing app. Below are 7 ways in which Instagram has impacted our lives and created meaningful change.

1. Diversified Beauty Standards: Some argue there’s an unrealistic beauty standard present on Instagram, and while they have a valid point, Instagram has also brought on a new wave of diversified beauty. Beauty taboos are now being shot down and posted on the app. Users are free to share their pimples, stretch marks, their plus size and natural hair beauty.

2. The Way We Travel: Whether it’s using the app as a source of inspiration, or finding different places to take the perfect ‘gram, the app has made an impact on the way we travel. “According to research conducted by Facebook, 70% of travel enthusiasts (those using travel-related hashtags) use the platform to share their travel plans, while 67% use Instagram to find inspiration for new journeys.” Not to mention the rise of influencer travels, which has caused tourism to skyrocket.

3. Flat Lays Are Now A Phenomenon: If we were to say “flat lay” before 2010, you probably wouldn’t know what we were talking about. However, #flatlay now has 5 million results. Still life imagery has never been so in demand.

4. Sparked New Food Trends: Arguably, one of the best ways Instagram has impacted our lives—new food and restaurants. Restaurant owners and chefs (whether professional or at home) are experimenting more with aesthetics to stand out in the social friendly world.

5. Created Brands Solely Utilizing Social Media: Take Daniel Wellington, who by simply gifting watches to influencers, was able to become Europe’s fasting growing company between 2013 and 2015. Brands that have been early adopters to Instagram as a platform for advertising are still reaping the benefits.

6. Mobilized Activism: Instagram has helped bring important causes to the front and center of people’s lives. Imagery is incredibly impactful, especially when everyone starts regramming and sharing messaging to their hundreds, thousands, or millions of followers.

7. Created a New Breed Of Influencer: Whether they use Instagram only or to complement their blog content, no one can deny the rise and popularity of Influencers. Earning a living and working for yourself has never been so easily accessible.

It’s important for all marketers to be aware of the purpose of each platform as they build and evolve their social strategy. Understanding consumption habits and the way your business is reaching and changing the way your consumer lives is vital for growth.

Source: http://sclhs.in/LWryiQ

-Leah Benzie
Social Media Editor