10 Tips for IGTV From Brands That Are Killing It

By now, you’ve heard of IGTV and probably have skimmed the new featured page on the app. But, has your brand found its sweet spot in the feed? If you’re struggling to figure out how to best use IGTV, or on the fence on whether to use it at all, let these brands help guide the way. Below are 10 best ways to use IGTV to make your content stand out.:

1. Give your audience an inside look
Brands like Mejuri have started experimenting with behind the scenes footage, taking viewers through their creative process. Don’t be afraid to show off your brand from all angles. Your audience will soon develop a connection to your brand — and building relationships are KEY!

2. Create a studio to film your IGTV episodes
If you take a look at Tarte Cosmetics IGTV stories, you’ll notice each video takes place in front of a branded color backdrop. It’s an easy way to set your brand apart, and can be done with little to no budget. It’s important that your audience recognizes your brand right away.

3. Maintain a consistent creative aesthetic
The Lily News has done an amazing job of staying consistent to their brand aesthetic through their IGTV episodes. Each episode is colored black & white, with pops of blue. This is one of the best ways to attract your target audience and get more followers.

4. Create branded slides
ESPN has started developing branded, easy-to-watch segments for each of the players, including graphs, timelines, and text cues that help the audience follow along. Creating these clean and branded graphics is a great way to maintain engagement and ensure your brand has a professional look.

5. Utilize vertical videos
This might sound like a no-brainer, but your brand needs to optimize IGTV content to fit phone screens. The Food Network has done a great job of perfecting the frame, with numbered markers on the bottom of the screen so viewers can see the process, and has added captions so sound isn’t a barrier. Adding these small details encourages the audience to follow along until the very end.

6. Surprise your audience
Netflix had the IGTV video seen around the world with a massive viewing of 967K views, and it was an hour long segment of Cole Sprouse eating a hamburger. This just goes to show that brands need to know their audience, and it’s helpful to have some fun with your content. IGTV is there for you to get creative, and with it still being relatively new, it’s the perfect time to experiment.

7. Keep your target audience in mind
Play-Doh has started experimenting with short form animated videos for its younger audience, and it’s a hit. No matter who your content is catering to, make sure your IGTV is something they want to watch. You’ll be much more likely to boost engagement on your content because it resonates.

8. Keep your audience coming back for more
You could probably sit and watch Elle Magazine’s IGTV episodes for hours because it will always leave you wanting more. They have even found a way to have viewers play along with their out-of-the-box celeb interviews by showing scoreboards. This helps viewers know exactly what they are getting when they tap on your account, and they’ll be more likely to hit follow.

9. Optimize video content
The Crafty’s account has managed to perfect the 10-minute how-to through easy-to-digest IGTV episodes. It’s important to not only think about content, but also length. Keep in mind that every brand will vary with engagement times, but the best way to test is to try out a few different lengths and referencing your analytics.

10. Promote you channel across different platforms
Lucy Williams does a great job of cross-promoting her IGTV through her IG feed, so followers always know what’s in store. Especially since IGTV is relatively new, users need to be reminded about the content you have to share!

Source: http://sclhs.in/3WJL1m

-Leah Benzie
Social Media Editor