YouTube Introduces Pre-Recorded Video with Live Engagement

So you want all of the features of a live broadcast without it being so…live.

As live video continues to drive more engagement for your brand’s content, finding work-arounds to post edited, pre-recorded video have gained prevalence to avoid the live succumbing to the nervous chatter, energy or mistakes that a truly live experience can showcase.

To address this, YouTube has added a “Premieres” feature: all of the features of Live, pre-recorded.

Scheduled up to a week in advance, the feature not only creates the ability to plan confidently, but also generates a post for your audience about the upcoming video, enabling them to comment, set a reminder or share the ad before the premiere date. This means that your brand can carefully plan, edit and schedule video content while promoting it quickly and with the interactive features that make Lives so engaging. Avoiding the pitfalls that can accompany live video, your brand will push the right messaging – with tune-in promotion – with confidence and credibility.

Source: http://sclhs.in/qjsvBs

-Sarah Hazan
Account Director