2019 Social Media Trends and How They Will Impact Your Business

2018 brought a lot of changes to Social Media, especially how businesses use it. People are more distrusting than ever of fake titles, click-bait, and businesses using their information without their knowledge. Check out these tips on how to market to your followers, correctly, in 2019.

1. Be Relevant and Original
Brands need to concentrate on being transparent with their followers this year. Gone are the days of click-bait. Audiences have zero tolerance for any type of content that comes across as fake or halfhearted. In fact, 78% of consumers say that personally relevant content increases their purchase intent. Brands should keep in mind when creating their strategy or working with an influencer to have their content be original, truthful, and relevant to your brand and followers.

2. Go Local
Micro-Influencers, typically are accounts with between 10,000 – 100,000 followers, made a lot of movement in 2018. That isn’t changing this year. These influencers come across as more authentic and trustworthy to their following because they are interactive and very aware of their niche community. Being able to specifically target a niche community has become more and more important and these micro-influencers give direct access to them. We already know they have higher engagement but because of their smaller pool, micro-influencers tend to have a higher ROI than macro influencers and they are cheaper. Pick influencers that are local to the area you are targeting or have the specific following you want. But remember, most importantly, find the influencers that your followers can relate to and who can be your best brand advocate.

3. Generation Instagram
Gen Z will change how we market this year. Keep the following in mind when creating your strategy for 2019. Gen Zers focus on video and according to AwesomenessTV,  they watch an average of 68 videos a day on 5 different platforms. Make the videos unique and have them tell a story. This Generation does not respond to overly promotional, played out sales tactics or even how-to videos. They respond to companies that focus on building relationships with their followers. It give a sense of authenticity that makes Gen Z care.

4. Driven by Data
AI, AR/VR will be game-changing in 2019. For AI, IBM released technology to improve the traceability of decisions. This gives real-time insights into what and how decisions are being made. In 2019, businesses will start using this with much more confidence and trust. AR/VR will assist experiential marketing, which has become the norm when it comes to retaining clients. It is helping brands close the loop between print and digital and bringing the real world into a digital, customizable one.

Source: http://sclhs.in/QRQg9W 

-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor