Women's March Los Angeles

At Social House, we celebrate women every day and this Saturday, January 19th, we will be marching for the 3rd annual Women’s March in LA. Every year at the Women’s March, we stand together with the City of Los Angeles to create transformative social change.

Over the last three years, social media has had a great effect on how social movements are created and how change is made, especially the Women’s March. We now have more reach than ever before to promote and discuss the mission behind causes that we believe in and more people than ever are able to join the conversation. On Instagram, the hashtags #WhyIMarch and #WomensMarch have over 1.9M posts between the two of them and we predict that number rising substantially on Saturday. Social is how we share what is important to us and is the world’s largest megaphone.

Last year, we joined an estimated 600,000 people at the LA March and we are looking forward to doing the same on Saturday. Follow our journey at the Women’s March this year on Instagram.

We march because we want to be united with the powerful women of our community. We know that when we come together, monumental and historical change can be made.