Instagram Brings Something New To Your Feed

Instagram is launching a shiny new feature that helps IGTV videos become more discoverable by adding them to users feeds. On February 7th, one-minute previews of IGTV content hit users main feed.

Ideally, you’ll see something that sparks your curiosity and drives you to IGTV itself – and fingers crossed, you’ll fall into the cycle of watching more and more content there.

IGTV was launched last year as a way for Instagram to bring creators normally found on platforms like YouTube or Amazon’s Twitch to Instagram. IGTV allows creators to share long-form videos within the Instagram platform instead of just short-form content to the Feed or Stories.

IGTV previews are only one way Instagram has been developing the product to attract more views in recent months. It has also integrated IGTV into Explore, allowed sharing to Stories, added the ability to save IGTV Videos and even launched IGTV Web Embeds.

-Sarah Alexander
Project Manager