Snapchat to Launch In-App Gaming Platform

Snapchat is reportedly launching a new in-app gaming platform. The app has seen slow growth recently but if you’ve been on the app you will have noticed they have been slowly releasing AR games through the Lens carousel.

According to a report by Chedder, Snapchat is working with a range of developers to launch a gaming platform that will live and work specifically on the app. This is a great pairing given the younger audience on Snapchat and if they are able to get the next ‘Pokemon Go’ this could mean huge dollars for the app.

Advertisers shouldn’t be overlooking this launch. Gaming is a huge industry. The average gamer spends $87 on their free-to-play games and the market is always growing. The industry is projected to generate $152 billion this year and with most of its users playing online, this is a great place to market to a highly engaged and high spending audience.

Source: http://sclhs.in/KWKu6s

-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor