Facebook Match(Maker)

In the world of Facebook, it’s the year of Facebook Watch. Facebook has confirmed they are funding and licensing new shows for Watch with publishers like Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, and Complex. This program doesn’t have an official name but it is currently being referred to as “Facebook Match.”

The program will feature 12 publishers who Facebook will “match” with video stars. Buzzfeed and YouTuber Hannah Hart and Conde Nast and singer Keke Palmer are just a few of the pairings announced.

The funding is expected to run for the duration of 2019 and beyond and is shelling out up to $200,000 per show. Facebook will not be involved in the production of these shows and will only be involved from a licensing perspective.

This is great for both parties, as Facebook Watch will get the content they want and the publishers will further their reach on the platform. This is an exciting venture for Facebook Watch and shows that the company is really pushing for the streaming platform.

Source: http://sclhs.in/rTBZ3C 

-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor