Facebook Transparency Furthers

Facebook is rolling out a new “Why am I seeing this?” option across all News Feeds. This new feature will help provide specific information to the user on why they are seeing something on their feed.

In Facebook’s explanation of the new tool, they finally let us in, just a little bit, on how the algorithm works. The three main factors that determine what you are seeing in your News Feed are: Who you regularly interact with, the media type (photo/video, etc.), and the relative popularity of the post.

In the year of transparency for social media, especially Facebook, this tool will be very helpful to users. The app already provides a similar feature with ads but now you will be able to curate your feed like never before. Speaking of ads, the app has also launched new features on the “Why am I seeing this ad?” feature to help users tell if a brand or business is misusing their data.

These features will hopefully help Facebook on the transparency front, as they ran into trouble a couple of weeks ago when it was revealed they stored millions of passwords in plaintext.

Source: http://sclhs.in/9RgEub 

-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor