Netflix Recos via Instagram Stories?

Let’s face it, Netflix programming has influenced our culture. Whether people are now ‘tidying up’, talking about a needed make over from the ‘Fab 5’, or causing chaos with ‘Bird Box’, the streaming network is now engrained in our daily lives. For better or for worse, what happens on Netflix creates forums, social banter, memes, gifs, and more; ultimately causing people to willingly share content across the social media landscape.

Recently, Netflix launched a feature with the goal of gaining traction within Instagram Stories. Netflix users are now able to share their favorite movies and shows directly to their stories, straight from the Netflix app. The new feature allows the user to share the show or movie’s custom art directly to their Instagram story. From there, users can customize the post by adding things like user polls or gifs. If a viewer of this story has the Netflix app installed on their phone, they will see a ‘Watch on Netflix’ link within the story that will take them directly to the titles page on the Netflix app when selected.

The idea is to provide users with an alternative to taking a screenshot in order to share to Instagram stories. It is also meant to provide a more seamless experience for the viewer of the story as they are able to tap the Story to engage with the users shared content. I see this as a plus for anyone who is always on the look-out for new binge-worthy recommendations. It’s only a matter of time before other brands get involved in this new social tactic.

-Sarah Alexander
Project Manager